Dex Dogtective
Dex Dogtective
"If I had a raisin everytime I heard that."





Power Level

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N/A (Shitty Movie)

Bro(s) / Sista(s)

Worst Dalmatians

First Appearance

Mumbo caught Robbie watching a Shitty Movie

Latest Appearance

Mumbo caught Robbie watching a Shitty Movie (For Now)


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About Him in the Show/GameEdit

Foodfight! takes place in the "Marketropolis" supermarket after closing time. The supermarket transforms into a city, in which all the citizens are personified well-known marketing icons, A.K.A. "Ikes". The story opens with the protagonist Dex Dogtective saving kittens before he then tells his friend, Daredevil Dan, that he is about to ask his girlfriend Sunshine Goodness to marry him. However, when Dan attempts to draw a picture of Dex proposing but crashes an Sunshine goes to assist Dan before Dex can propose. Dan returns, but has no idea of what happened to Sunshine.

About Him in 3 Tricky MindsEdit

He's one of the First Villian of the show that the 3 faced(Another being Worst Dalmatians). After Robbie Rotten put his deep hate by destroying the DVD, Dex seek revenge with another person who Robbie slap his hate on: Some Dogs.

He use his former partner: Daredevil Dan, to commit suicide in order to break through the wall of the Boulanger Inn and Bakery.


Robbie RottenEdit

Dex Arch-Nemesis for destroying the Foodfight DVD. He is willing to kill him,

Worst DalmatiansEdit

Dex Army of Dogs from another shitty Dog-Related Movie. one being in a game no dout. 


  • He was the reason for the 3 being kicked out by George the Baker considering that the 2 left before He can even see it.
  • Another Possible Reason was the fact that Robbie Rotten brought some Brand X from Mr. Clipboard.