Mr. Clipboard
Mr. Clipboard
"Survival of the Fittest, LENARRRRRRRRD"





Power Level

N/A (for now)


Brand X Saleman

Bro(s) / Sista(s)

Robbie Rotten

First Appearance

Mumbo caught Robbie watching a Shitty Movie

Latest Appearance

Mumbo caught Robbie watching a Shitty Movie (for now)



About him in the MovieEdit

Mr. Clipboard is the apparent main antagonist (until the third act) of the widely panned animated movie Foodfight!. Mr. Clipboard was a seemingly mentally disturbed man that arrived to Marketropolis six months after Sunshine Goodness, Dex Detective's girlfriend, disappeared. Mr. Clipboard attempted to convince the store owner, Mr. Leonard, to start stocking detergents and other products from a huge parent company called Brand X. When Leonard notified to Clipboard that there wasn't enough room for those items, Clipboard stated that he could make room, and he takes a potato chip bag, and crushes it under his foot. He then leaves the store, and the store owner mentioned that there was nothing wrong with those chips.

About him in 3 Tricky MindsEdit

Outside from the (shitty)movie, He manage to go doors to doors hoping that someone buy or repersent Brand X.

In Mumbo caught Robbie watching a Shitty MovieRobbie Rotten acculy agreed to buy and repersent Brand X. This lead to Clipboard and Robbie to be great friends. It does however caught the attention of Dex Dogtective and Worst Dalmatians.


He's as crazy as Robbie Rotten, Which is why Robbie brought some Brand X from him.

Powers and AbilitesEdit





Robbie RottenEdit

He seem to be the only one who repersent Brand X. Making Him and Clipboard Bros

Dex Dogtective and Worst DalmatiansEdit

His arch nemesis. From and Outside the Movie.


  • The Reason He a good guy cause somehow, Out of the Horrible CGI, Plot, Character and Jokes. Clipboard seem to be the only one who trying, Which is not even a good sign. You know a Movie is shit when some guy from only 2 Scenes is getting some chuckle then the fucking main character of the movie.
  • Outside of the Movie, He is not a Robot control by some fetish woman.