Mumbo caught Robbie watching a Shitty Movie
Mumbo caught Robbie watching a Shitty Movie
Season 1
Episode 1
Release Date Canceled
About The 3 Tricky Minds face off against Shitty Movies
Villain Dex Dogtective and Worst Dalmatians
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After Dex and Worst Dalmatians defeated, George notice the damage made and think it was caused by the 3 Tricky Minds. In Result, he kicked them out. Depressed for a new place, they ask Jimmy for help and He sugessted going to a Apartment in New York City, where they met a new a new landlord name Raoul Silva. The Next Following Day of unpacking, The Team met their next door neighboor: Blackfire, who was also kicked out of her home in Tamaran.


  • This is not only the first episode, This and the Series were both Canceled cause of Technicle Problem, Family Trouble and Long Line of being Distracted, To the point of even forgetting about the project.