Worst Dalmatians
Worst Dalmatians
"The contents of a liver sausage will always be a mystery."


Dalmatians 3



Power Level

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N/A (Shitty Movie)

Bro(s) / Sista(s)

Dex Dogtective

First Appearance

Mumbo caught Robbie watching a Shitty Movie

Latest Appearance

Mumbo caught Robbie watching a Shitty Movie (For Now)


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About Him in the Show/GameEdit

Dalmatians 3 is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Phoenix Games, which was released in Europe in 2006. It is really a Rip-Off of 101 Dalmatians, The downside is the fact that it didn't even come even close to a rip-off. The Story is about 4 Dogs, only 3 of them Dalmatians(Which is a middle finger to the people) who gone on some different adventure just as pranking a Cat, Buying a Cake and triyng to get out of prison. The Game and the Movie was so bad, It even make the Zelda CD-i games a better animation.

About Him in 3 Tricky MindsEdit

Their are the first enemies the team faced in Mumbo caught Robbie watching a Shitty Movie. Them(along with Dex Dogtective) agreed to break in to fight off against the 3.


Robbie RottenEdit

Worst Dalmatian's Enemy for calling the movie boring.


Another one of Worst Dalmatian's Enemy for calling the movie: Shit.

Dex DogtectiveEdit

Worst Dalmatian's Friend and Captain to help fight off the 3 Tricky Minds.


  • Their was the reason for the 3 being kicked out by George the Baker considering that the 2 left before He can even see it.
  • Worst Dalmatians Appeared in the Preview.